The Jewelry

Landau boutiques offer the finest collection of designer jewelry to be found anywhere in the world.

Each piece is crafted to exacting detail to appear and wear precisely as it would if it were fine jewelry. Craftsmen forge the casting, hand set every stone and polish the metal precisely as they do fine jewelry. There is absolutely no way the naked eye can distinguish a Landau peice from its fine jewelry counterpart. . . .except the price!

It is because of this insistence upon exacting detail and relentless attention to quality that every Landau piece carries an unparalleled LIFETIME GUARANTEE!

Because the Landau customer is among the most sophisticated, well-traveled and affluent and owns jewelry from the world's most renowned designers of fine jewelry, they insist upon this quality and attention to detail. Our customers purchase Landau pieces not in lieu of their fine jewelry, but in addition to it. Often they wear their fine jewelry with Landau pieces.

Landau pieces offer our clients the flexibility of fashion and freedom from concern:

  • No needless trips to the vault
  • Carefree travel
  • No insurance payments
  • Going Green! No "blood" or "conflict" diamonds or strip mining for gems
  • Most importantly, if they tire of the look, they have not made a huge investment in the jewelry.

Jewelry is an accessory, not an investment. Like a handbag, pair of shoes, belt or scarf,
jewelry is a fashion accessory which should provide its wearer maximum flexibility.

Now, Landau adds an entirely new twist on retailing and accessorizing jewelry with our INCREDIBLE JEWELRY EXCHANGE.

For a small fee, a customer may trade in their old Landau piece for an entirely new and different piece!

This has revolutionized the designer jewelry business in providing our customers incomparable fashion freedom!