Shopping Centers

Landau boutiques occupy the most prominent and visible locations within this nation's most exclusive shopping centers, typically situated in center court corner locations.

Landau has unquestionably distinguished itself with the finest portfolio of shopping center real estate in the country, more so than any other retail chain.

Market studies have repeatedly shown that the Landau customer is among the most sophisticated, well - traveled and affluent. Contrary to the notion that those who buy designer jewelry do so because they cannot afford fine jewelry, Landau's customers own jewelry from the most renowned fine jewelers, but prefer to leave it in a vault, and enjoy the flexibility and freedom from concern which Landau jewelry affords them.

It is precisely because the Landau customer is among the most refined, that our boutiques are located alongside the world's most elegant designers.

The average sales for a Landau boutique in a shopping center exceed $1,700 per sq. ft.