Airport Stores

Whether in kiosks as small as 60 square feet, or in-line stores ranging in size from 160 square feet to over 1,000 square feet, Landau boutiques perform exceptionally well in the airport environment.

The look, price point and small size of the Landau product lends itself perfectly to the traveling customer constrained by carry-on luggage and a relatively brief timeframe in which to make the purchase decision.

Unlike airport based retailers, local jewelers and franchisees, Landau is a wholly owned national chain with stores in shopping centers and hotels throughout the country. As such, Landau provides the airport customer the reassurance of purchasing in an airport while
maintaining the ability to return the item to a store near their home in the event of any issue or desire to exchange a gift.

In this way, the airport customer benefits from Landau's unparalleled Lifetime Guarantee as does every other Landau customer.

The average sales for a Landau boutique in an airport exceed $6,000 per sq. ft.