Hotel & Casino Boutiques

Landau operates boutiques in many fine hotels and casinos and has worked with most of the largest and most successful hoteliers.

In many properties, Landau has identified non-income producing space (ex: empty walls, seating, planters, etc.) and created a retail boutique case unit within that space. Most are of unusual configuration, including several which are only 2 feet in depth. By creating
these retail areas, the properties gain several key benefits:

  • Develop BOTTOM-LINE INCOME from space which previously produced nothing.
  • Enhance the ambiance of the property.
  • Create an additional amenity for the patrons, and enhance the overall guest experience.
  • Landau provides the property with elegant $50 gift certificates to our boutique to present to every guest at check-in, as a welcoming gift from the hotel.

Landau assumes the responsibility for all costs associated with the design, construction and installation of the units.

There is no expense borne by the property! We are thoroughly flexible with regard to the design of the unit so as to blend harmoniously with each property. In fact, many Landau retail cases utilize the same materials as used throughout the lobby so as to appear that the unit had always intended to be placed there.

The average sales for a Landau boutique in a hotel or casino exceed $12,000 per sq. ft.